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Welcome to the Internet's top VoiceChat system
The moment you have all been waiting for has arrived!!
Design your own voice chat to your own specification, this is what ICS VOICE can offer you.

• Voice and Text communication
• Unique user-friendly interface
• Choice of one your own color scheme
• Site, company banner and logo
• User Icons (your own icons upon request)
• Private Text Message function
• Private Talk function
• Quick Text and Short Hand Functions
• Ignore User Function
• Invisible Admin
• Kick and Ban functions
• Advance Microphone control functions
• Disable User Function
• Set/Show topic Topic Function
• User talk request list
• Text chat font color and multiple pictures
• Text line background
• Room lock function
• Members only room
• Advanced Auto Message function
• Automatic Member Registration functionality
• Ability to 'Close' a voice chat room permanently or set to Members only
• Ability to create your own rooms or amend your own room details
• Advanced Member Control Panel
• Advanced Administrator control panel
• Advance Design your own voice chat (voice chat configuration)
• PayPal payment processing

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